Get Vital Nutrients to Your Bloodstream - Fast!

We administer vitamin shots in and around West Palm Beach, FL

Because they have to go through your digestive system, vitamin pills can take a long time to get into your system. Vitamin shots can deliver those nutrients to your bloodstream faster than pills could.

At Invision Health & Wellness in West Palm Beach, FL, you can choose from a wide range of vitamin shots to help with all kinds of concerns. We also provide mobile services - call 561-800-4111 now for details.

Choose from 5 types of injections

Consider getting a...

  • B vitamin shot, to help boost your energy levels, metabolism and mood ($35)
  • D vitamin shot, to help reduce inflammation and improve the strength of your muscles and bones ($40)
  • NAD+ subcutaneous injection, to help improve cellular and brain function ($35)
  • Tri-Immune Boost injection, to help reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system ($50)
  • Lipo-mino injection, to help lose weight, increase energy and promote immunity ($50)
Shots of vitamin B and vitamin D are administered through the muscles, while the NAD+ injections are administered just underneath the skin. Contact our infusion center in West Palm Beach, FL today to learn more.