Fuel Your Mind With Our Brainstorm IV Cocktail

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Unlock the full potential of your mind. Improve your cognitive function with information processing, learning, and memory along with many other benefits. Bursting with power nutrients like B vitamins, Taurine, and Alpha-Lipoic- Acid, this perfectly crafted IV is going to supercharge your brain power. Whether you are studying in school, trying to keep up with your hectic work schedule, or keep your brain working for longevity- this IV is tailor-made to help you perform at your best.

If you struggle with brain fog, you might benefit from our Brainstorm IV therapy services. Invision Health & Wellness in West Palm Beach, FL has developed the Brainstorm IV cocktail to enhance all kinds of cognitive functions.

The B vitamin, taurine and alpha-lipoic acid formula is intended to help...

  • Promoting mental cognition
  • Improving cognitive longevity
  • Enhancing creativity & alertness
  • Combating brain fog
  • Stimulates new brain cell formation
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What Can I Expect?

IV (intravenous) therapy is administered through a small catheter (straw) into your vein which allows 100% absorption of the vitamins and nutrients into your bloodstream.

You will relax in our zero-gravity extremely comfortable chairs while receiving your IV drip. You can nap, read, catch up on emails, work, or just simply relax. You will be offered complimentary drinks and snacks upon arrival.

Help The Rest Of Your Body Feel Better

While the Brainstorm IV is designed to improve cognitive functions, we can add...

  • Biotin, to help improve the health of your hair, skin and nails ($30)
  • Glutathione, to help remove toxins and increase your metabolism ($60)
  • More vitamin B12, to help boost your energy ($30)
  • Vitamin C, to help reduce inflammation ($50)
  • Zinc, to help strengthen your immune system ($40)
  • Zofran, to help alleviate nausea ($40)
And for just $20 more, we can increase the size of your bag to help you get the most out of Brainstorm IV therapy. Contact us today to learn more about these add-ons.