Invision a Healthier You

IV Vitamin Wellness Drips deliver vitamins & minerals directly into the bloodstream, offering superior absorption over oral supplements. IV Vitamin therapy optimizes your body's vitamin and hydration balance to help you maintain the best possible health for your body.

As We Age,

our NAD levels decrease causing brain fog, tired skin, low energy levels, decreased metabolism, exhaustion, and less mental clarity. NAD is important for mitochondrial function. When you don't have enough NAD, your body isn't able to properly repair your DNA.


B12 $30 - energy boost, metabolism, mood elevation
Biotin $30 - healthy hair, skin, & nails
Zinc $40 - strengthen immunity
Zofran $40 - anti-nausea
Glutathione $60 - a master antioxidant + liver detoxification + metabolism + skin rejuvenation + energy boost & immune function
Vit C boost $50 - boost immunity + reduce inflammation
Bag upgrade $20 - (excludes over 1000ml) ultimate hydration


NAD+ Sub Q $35 - Anti-aging + Brain & cellular health
B12 $35 - energy boost + metabolism + mood
Vit D $40 - bone + muscle strength + anti inflammatory
TRI IMMUNE BOOST $50 - power packed immunity Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Zinc
LIPO MINO [weight loss] $50 - fat loss + energy + promote a healthy immune system