InvisionHealth IV Wellness

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

Intravenous therapy (IV) is an effective method of delivering 100% of key nutrients into your bloodstream. This process bypasses your GI tract and releases straight into your bloodstream, which allows a much higher absorption of vitamins and minerals compared to oral vitamins. Many benefits include: ultimate hydration, improved cognitive function, immunity boost, electrolyte, minerals, vitamins, regaining natural energy, antioxidants, and many others.

What can I expect at my first IV treatment?

A registered nurse will be with you through the whole process. We will take your vital signs, insert a
tube directly into your vein, and help you get comfortable while you enjoy a cold water, snacks, and
relaxing atmosphere all while absorbing vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream.
Note: Do not come in on an empty stomach. Make sure to eat something beforehand.

Which IV drip do you recommend for my first visit when I am looking to improve overall health?

We recommend our Myers cocktail in 500ml or 1000ml.

How long does an IV drip take?

For the smaller bags you can expect the IV to drip 30-45 minutes. A larger bag can take from 1 hr to 1hr +15 minutes. NAD + IV is at least 2 hours. While you are with us you can relax in our comfortable chairs, listen to music, scroll your feed, send work emails, or take a snooze.

How often should I receive IV therapy?

We recommend it at least once every 2 weeks. Some people come more frequently or less depending on their overall health and schedule.

I want vitamins but do not have time for a drip, what do you recommend?

Shots are a great option! Come in for a few quick IM/Sub Q shots and be out within 5 minutes! We also offer a small Myers Cocktail bag (250ml) that takes ~15 minutes to drip.

Can anyone get an IV?

Most can safely receive one of our IV drips with a few exceptions: Minors (under 18), people with specific chronic diseases, pregnant or breastfeeding. Please make sure to clearly state any medical conditions, allergies, or illnesses you have prior to treatment.